Walled heating gas and instant production of hot water for use boiler

  • Closed combustion chamber with forced exhaust gas evacuation
  • It is available with the possibility of being fuelled with Natural Gas or GPL
  • Monothermal heat exchanger
  • Plate-like exchanger for the production of water to be used
  • Small-sized three-speed circulator with integrated vent
  • Integrated hydraulic part that includes a three-way valve, an adjustable by-pass, a security valve, a water pressure switch, filling and evacuation hydrants and a connection with the expansion vessel
  • Expansion vessel of 8 liters
  • Integrated electronic security and flame adjustment plate
  • Variable temperature function with external sensor (under request)
  • High and low temperature heating zones management through an electronic plate (under request)
  • Cover with front opening door to the right or to the left (patent)
  • Efficiency category according to 92/42/CEE. ***